Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Victoria's Vintage Chanel

Basically everything and anything Victoria does usually makes it into the headlines...supporting her hot ass husband on the soccer field, playing with her kids, walking around aimlessly, etc. Earlier this month I was quite intrigued by pictures of her trying on vintage Chanel purses in LA. Of course VB did not she is out and about with her new vintage Chanel! I'm totally loving the way shes wearing it and I'm currently trying to figure out if she just took a vintage jumbo and tied the straps or if the bag originally came with the shorter straps. I'm about 99% the purse came with shorter straps and its a bit thinner than the jumbo 2.55s we have nowadays. I remember when I first bought my mom her 2.55, my SA was showing me how to tie the straps from the inside so that you could make the length shorter, I've been too lazy to actually test it out but VB has inspired me to try tonight :)


sammy said...

I Love the practical size of the Jumbo but the straps are way too long for my petite body. please tell us how the SA told you to tie/shortern the straps!

Purse Addict said...

Hi Sammy! If I remember correctly, all you have to do is adjust the length to whatever best suits your frame and hold that position in place with a ribbon or string by tying the extra straps in place from the inside. I'm a procrastinator so I still have to try it out myself but I'll be sure to take pictures if I do end up succeeding :) Lemme know if the strategy works for you!