Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deals for Under $100

When I was younger (I was probably 12...) I remember hearing an interview with some random actress on TV and the question was "Do you get excited over clothes that are under $100?" and her answer was "Yes! Its so hard finding things that are only $100!". Back then I remember thinking that the lady was retarded cus plenty of things at the mall are under $100!! But sadly her reality has become my reality. DZ and I are both guilty of clicking the "Buy" button the minute we see anything under $100. Hell, this morning I bought this red Gold Hawk dress cus it was only $73 O.O I mean of course, I do think its cute and I do like the color but I think a big pull was the fact that it was $73! To make matters worse...I'm also a sucker for free shipping :P So after adding this dress to my shopping bag, I searched high and low for a second item just to get my free shipping! I finally found this flowy dress and must say, I'm quite pleased/proud of my online bargain shopping :)

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jane said...

jenny i love the 2nd dress!