Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fashion Pet Peeve...

I am a girl with many pet peeves. Certain things just annoy me to no end even though they might be absolutely normal to most people. One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is illustrated in this picture you see here. This is a picture of Mariah Carey wearing the fabulous Louboutin MJs and while she still is my favorite, look closely and you will see that she is guilty of having scrunched-up tights (front left...)!!! I'm not sure what else to call it but its basically when you have tights on and after putting your shoes on, your tights get scrunched up in the front. I know it might be ridiculous that I even notice things like this but attention to detail is always important!! Everyone should take an few extra seconds to pull back the slack on their tights before putting their shoes on!! I might be on the extreme side but admit it, it looks sloppy!!!

*Picture courtesy of eastnews.com*

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