Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Choos Gladiator Pumps

I saw an interview with Tamera Mellon a few months back and she was showing off her fabulous shoe closet (500+ pairs separated into two closets, one is special occasion and one is for everyday use...). When they asked her which trends to watch out for, she replied "Gladiator pumps." While I still would not invest in Gladiator sandals, I'm pretty much sold on the Gladiator pump trend! Earlier this week DZ and I went to the mall to check out the Gladiator pumps at Nine West but the selection was pretty disappointing and the one pair that was okay was sold out in my size. I'm over those cus lookie what I found! Today as I was trying to think of who would have great Gladiator pumps for me to splurge on, I suddenly remembered Tamera's prediction and realized it would make sense for JC to carry some Gladiator pumps (duh, I know...). These Choos are the probably the sexiest Gladiator pumps I've seen so far but of course I need to think about just how much I'm willing to spend on a passing trend...$830 might be tad overboard (BUT its available in my size and the heel is 4.5 inches high!) :P While browsing the site I also fell in love with these Loafer-esque pumps...also available in my size with a 4.5 inch heel!!

**NOTE: Okay, I was just discussing the Gladiator pumps with SZ and I realized...they're probably on the way uncomfortable side due to the nonexistent platform...**


Stephanie said...

Hi JJ (LOL) Id def. go with the Loafer-esque pumps those are extremely cute and look way more comfortable than the Gladiator pumps.


cheeky_deb said...

i have plenty of stilettos and the only uncomfortable one is (sadly) my CLs. i actually don't own a pair of platforms...imagine that.

Irene said...

yes, platforms for sure. your feet will thank you.