Friday, April 11, 2008

Battle of the Louboutins

Between the Minibout and the Very Prive...which would you splurge on?? The Minibout is a fairly new design that runs about $60 dollars more than the classic Prive peep-toe pumps but both are to die for! I've been trying to get DZ to buy the Minibout for the longest time but still no action :P I think the next time we go shop I'm going to forcefully sit her down and make her try them on! But in the meantime, I've taken the liberty to add them to my WANT list but I'm not at the point where I can spend $1700 on 2 pairs of shoes so I'll have to choose one :( The Minibout is sort of a interesting twist on the the Very Prive peep toes but both have the covered platforms, sexy arch, and of course, the eye-popping height :) Both would also look fabulous with just about any outfit. I know I have too many black pumps to begin with but like I always say, a girl can never have too many black pumps!


Mouse e Teclado said...

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sumnboutme said...

i'll definitely try on the minibout to amust you but i think i am sold on the architeks....they have my size on NAP!!! and they're cheaper than Saks and no tax!