Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sad But True

I knew this day would come and now its here. Sad but true...I now officially feign for a B Romanek clutch. Yea I know, I dont like crocodile skin and yea I know, $2200 is a bit much for a clutch but I STILL WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately I've been dressing up and going out A LOT more than I used to and I always have a clutch with me so what better clutch to add to my collection than a B Romanek clutch??! The purple or blue one would do me just fine...they would look great with most of my outfits :) Anyways...this will have to come after the ostrich Muse unless I can somehow convince my mom she wants one...

YSL Besace Messenger Bag

I hated the Besace when it first came out but like a lot of things in life, its finally grown on me. Though I probably wouldn't actually go out and get one, I think this would be a pretty sweet bag for school. How hot would you be walking into lecture with this YSL bag vs all the other nerds with regular backpacks?? I've never tried this bag on so I can't really say for how it fits on your body, the size, length, width etc but I did some goggling and found some pictures and it seems that this bag can really hardly be called a messenger bag...most of the people just seem to wear it as shoulder bags. Weird cus I actually think this would be cuter slung over your body...frees up your hands nicely too.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'll Have To Make Do With This Until The End Of October

I'm not one for the latest electronic gadgets but when its right there in front of you, why not? My parents decided to switch our cell phone service over to At&T and as a result I ended up smiling my way to a new iPhone. My mom wanted my brother to get one too but he's a little stubborn and said no way did he want a phone that everyone else had...yea he's weird :P Anyhoo, my new device is keeping me pretty amused and since I'm not planning on any big purchases until the end of October (my BV!), this will have to do for now. I kinda miss my old phone...even though it was hella big, it was like a mini Windows PC :( However, some functions I do appreciate on the iPhone: Youtube, Google Map, the weather, Gmail, and 3G internet. I'm still having a hard time getting used to life without a keyboard so please excuse my slow text messaging for now!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midget Heels

Patent leather boots are pretty hard to pull off since its easy to look like you're about to start your shift at the corner but these CL boots are gross because of that midget heel. I HATE short heels like that. Its almost like..WHATS THE POINT??!! It certainly wont give you a boost in height and it doesn't look nice so either make it taller or leave it off completely. I guess perhaps really tall people appreciate midget heels since it allows them to wear "heels" for once but for the rest of us...midget heels are something we could do without! These boots would actually be okay if they had been flat but with that heel its ruined...sad :(

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You

When I first started getting into purses, one of the biggest problems I had was the snobbish attitudes of the SAs. Sure they probably see plenty of rich people but that doesn't make them rich and even if a person is wealthy...that doesn't mean you get to be snobby (I wont even get into the other category...people who like to act snobby because they think they will one day marry rich). So anyways, in the years that I've had to deal with snobby SAs, I've learned how to deal with them...basically it boils down to this: I'm the one spending the money here so if anyone is going to be picky, its going to be ME. I've learned to ignore the looks from SAs and I usually only like to buy from SAs who are nice and will actually take the time to ask if I need help instead of just writing me off as a browser. Whats even better than being nice to every customer?? Writing thank you cards to those who buy from you. Thats one helluva way to ensure that I wont ever go to another SA. This year I got thank you cards from Mulberry and Chanel and I can say I will probably never go to another SA again. Its such a simple and yet considerate gesture, I'd have to be heartless to ever buy from someone else. And so...being snobby for no reason gets you nowhere and a little common courtesy will get you lots of extra commission :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I. W.A.N.T. N.O.W!!!!

I want these boots NOW, NOW, NOW!!!! OMG...I'm dying right now...those damn side buttons are too much!!! Its available in my size but for $1745!!!! Thats like a decent bag or half of something really nice from VC&A :( If my dad thinks bags are a waste of money, I'm sure his eyes will roll to the back of his head when he finds out that I would be willing to spend $1745 on a pair of shoes. *SIGH* Dont worry, I wont be impulsive and get these although I'm experiencing chest pains at the moment. I'll save my money for my Bottega :P Shoes are one of the most torturous things ever created. So many styles and colors and materials to choose from yet the minute you put them on and walk around in them, there goes your money...all down the drain! Shoes are probably one of THE hardest things to try to maintain...I know I'm terrible at keeping my shoes clean or free of scratches...I'm even bad when it comes to my bags (just ask my mom whose been busy "restoring" some of my old bags that I recently "handed down" to her...lol). After my shoe splurge awhile back, I've been really good about staying away from shoes although there are these Chanel pumps that have my name written all over them!!! Eck, anyhow...at least I can say that the metal tip of these boots are kinda off...there, I feel better already :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Lanvin...

Sorry the pic is kinda small. Anyhow, I adore Lanvin but I seriously think they have some OVERPRICED shoes. $500-800 flats and $1000 pumps. For example, take a close look at this ugly shoe we have here. Its basically the satin flats with a awkward strap and stumpy heel. The flats go for about $500 but BNY usually puts them up for sale at 50% off. Any guesses as to how much more it'll cost you to have the flats with a strap and heel?? I hate guessing games so I'll just tell you. $240 more, making the grand total $740. WTF?!?!? Seriously, those uber sexy YSL platform pumps are $795 and they are WAY more worth it than these atrocious things. I mean Lanvin flats are expensive by most standards but its a staple and so we've come to accept it but I refuse to buy into this whole expensive ugly shoe crap. Yuck.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Current WANT List

I'm trying to be good about shopping but that doesn't mean I can't generate a WANT list! Currently I'm dying for those platform YSL shoes that I've been talking about for months now. Although I doubt I'll get them, I'm still madly in love with them. A new Mike & Chris leather jacket has also been on my list for awhile now. I dont really wear the one that I have since the sleeves are kinda too puffy and I would prefer to get one with a hoodie :) I'm counting on my dad to start off my jewelry collection with something from VC&A...at this point I'll take anything; bracelet, ring, necklace...I want them ALL so I would be happy with any of them. See, easy to please! And finally, my dad told me that my dark silver 2.55 is my last bag "in the near future" but he doesn't know about the Bottega that I special ordered :P I'll keep that on the DL but in the meantime, I've already decided on the purse to get after my Campana arrives...the Muse (large) in ostrich!! This bag will probably have to wait til 2009 and I haven't really picked out a color yet...I'll probably have to do some research on what colors they have available and all that fun stuff :P

PS: I have a billion other things that I could've included but these are the top 4...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Every time I see someone rocking layered necklaces or bracelets, I'm instantly envious. Its not like I dont have a ton of jewelry at home (esp when LN is my friend) but I guess I'm just not in the habit of accessorizing myself in the mornings. That should be a new fashion goal of mine...ACCESSORIZE!!! Well I guess I would have to wait until Feb of 2009 cus thats when I get to take off my good luck necklace and bracelet that my mom made me wear for good luck this lunar year (yes, how very Chinese of me...). I should probably also take a look at my current jewelry collection and try to think about what goes what which outfits, which things to toss, and what I need :) OOOhhh...a light bulb just went off in my head...I should talk to LN about making a layered necklace or bracelet!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Pink?

I was never a fan of the Stam bag because well A. Everyone and their mom had one and B. Its a dated bag. Anyhow, I'm glad MJ upgraded the Stam to ostrich because you all know how much I LOVE ostrich but I have to say...WHY PINK??! Why this bubblegum pink??! I like the chain and I like how he exchanged the quilted look for pleats but the color is just so...pink :P My infamously bad experience with my pink Dior Boston bag taught me to never ever hand money over for anything pink ever again. I feel like pink itself is a dated color. Anything that is ever made in pink is usually a part of a trend that lasts for only a few months, not to mention, pink usually doesn't go well with a lot of things and so you can't use it all the time. Theres a perfect Chinese word that would describe the way I feel about pink...I can't find it in my dictionary right now but the closet English equivalent I can think of is "tacky". While cute on elementary school kids, after a certain age, its very easy to look tacky in pink. And so to spend $5000 and to risk looking tacky?? No thanks dude.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chanel Charm Bracelet

Last week when I was waiting for my Chanel SA to finish wrapping up my new 2.55, I took a careful look around at all the jewelry that was on display and fell absolutely in love with the charm bracelets. If you know me, the you'll know that I'm a huge sucker for things in miniature...must be the Asian side of me. And so it makes perfect sense that I would be smitten with miniature No.5 perfume bottles, nail polishes, combs, mirrors, etc. When I asked my SA about the bracelet shown here, which has all the charms, she told me it runs for around $1000 and the bracelets with only one charm go for about $400. Ehhh, I'm still not totally sold on collecting jewelry just yet and so I have to say...I would rather save the money for something from VC&A (or maybe my ostrich Muse) :P

How Often Do You Shop?

Today one of the marketing ladies at work asked me "Do you shop nonstop??" I had previously talked to her about how I like to shop when I'm not working and so her question wasn't so far fetched but it did get me thinking. How often do I shop?? I told her "Heh...kinda?" I definitely dont shop everyday or even every week but I guess you could say I buy something related to my closet at least every other week?? Before I was really good and would plan out my shopping sprees so that they were a few months apart. Ever since I got stuck with a cubicle job, online shopping just kinda ruined everything. When all it takes is a few clicks, how can one not shop while sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week?? I think another reason why I have so much stuff in my closet is cus when I do go shopping (in person), I tend to REALLY go shopping...meaning I tend to buy a lot of stuff all at once. So there you have it, I shop not everyday but at least once every other week usually via the internet and when I do go shopping, I go all out and stock up on everything imaginable :)

One Year Of Blogging

I was bored at work and decided to check when I started this blog and was quite surprised to find that I began writing this blog one year ago today. Weird. Anyways...I've thoroughly enjoyed my year of blogging and though at times it takes some work (mainly browsing the internet), its a great way for me put my opinions out there. Though I know I've managed to gain a stalker or two or three because of this blog, for the most part, my readers have all been very supportive.

As a note/disclaimer, something that I've been meaning to say...I do have strong opinions, especially when it comes to fashion. If at any time my comments offend you, sorry but they probably weren't meant to be personal and certainly not directed specifically towards you (well, okay fine...at times I do take advantage of this blog since I know who reads it and who doesnt but still, for the most part my entries are not for anyone in particular...) :P Take this blog as a leisurly pastime but dont let what I have to say bog you down. Fashion in the end is a way for us to express our personalities through our outward appearances and its inevitable that we wont always agree since we're all different people. Buy and wear what you like and forget about what other people are buying and wearing...everyone has their own likes, dislikes, and priorities!!

And finally...that cupcake is lookin might good right about now ^^

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Name Is Greedy

Yes, I'm one greedy girl and here are two things I'm stealing/borrowing/inheriting from my mom :)

I got this black jumbo Original Classic Chanel in caviar leather in 2007 for my mom for Mother's Day but since she hardly uses it, I'm going to add it to my collection ^^ Since it was a gift, I wont really take it from her but I'll definitely borrow it in the near future...

I was playing around with this purse this weekend and though it sorta looks like its for older people, its so incredibly chic and classy that no one would dare say anything if a girl in her 20s wore this around town...plus, it totally works with my current collection!!

And this other thing...I didn't really ask for it but my mom's been offering to give it to me since last Christmas and well, I just can't refuse her any longer :)

My parents bought matching Rolex watches back in 2004 and now that their 25th wedding anniversary is coming up, they're planning on getting new matching Rolex watches and that means...my brother and I get to inherit the old set!!! My brother flat out said he doesn't want my dad's old Rolex and so I of course offered to take both...LMAO. No seriously though...I could adjust the length a bit and it would be fine :) Anyhow, my parents have worn their Rolex watches a total of 3 times...my mom just isn't into watches and my dad prefers his Omega :P Lucky them, they have a greedy daughter to take these babies off of their hands...okay fine, I wont be that greedy, I'll let my dad keep his since it doesn't have diamonds like my moms...