Monday, September 1, 2008

My Name Is Greedy

Yes, I'm one greedy girl and here are two things I'm stealing/borrowing/inheriting from my mom :)

I got this black jumbo Original Classic Chanel in caviar leather in 2007 for my mom for Mother's Day but since she hardly uses it, I'm going to add it to my collection ^^ Since it was a gift, I wont really take it from her but I'll definitely borrow it in the near future...

I was playing around with this purse this weekend and though it sorta looks like its for older people, its so incredibly chic and classy that no one would dare say anything if a girl in her 20s wore this around, it totally works with my current collection!!

And this other thing...I didn't really ask for it but my mom's been offering to give it to me since last Christmas and well, I just can't refuse her any longer :)

My parents bought matching Rolex watches back in 2004 and now that their 25th wedding anniversary is coming up, they're planning on getting new matching Rolex watches and that brother and I get to inherit the old set!!! My brother flat out said he doesn't want my dad's old Rolex and so I of course offered to take both...LMAO. No seriously though...I could adjust the length a bit and it would be fine :) Anyhow, my parents have worn their Rolex watches a total of 3 mom just isn't into watches and my dad prefers his Omega :P Lucky them, they have a greedy daughter to take these babies off of their hands...okay fine, I wont be that greedy, I'll let my dad keep his since it doesn't have diamonds like my moms...

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Irene said...

ballin out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!