Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You

When I first started getting into purses, one of the biggest problems I had was the snobbish attitudes of the SAs. Sure they probably see plenty of rich people but that doesn't make them rich and even if a person is wealthy...that doesn't mean you get to be snobby (I wont even get into the other category...people who like to act snobby because they think they will one day marry rich). So anyways, in the years that I've had to deal with snobby SAs, I've learned how to deal with them...basically it boils down to this: I'm the one spending the money here so if anyone is going to be picky, its going to be ME. I've learned to ignore the looks from SAs and I usually only like to buy from SAs who are nice and will actually take the time to ask if I need help instead of just writing me off as a browser. Whats even better than being nice to every customer?? Writing thank you cards to those who buy from you. Thats one helluva way to ensure that I wont ever go to another SA. This year I got thank you cards from Mulberry and Chanel and I can say I will probably never go to another SA again. Its such a simple and yet considerate gesture, I'd have to be heartless to ever buy from someone else. And so...being snobby for no reason gets you nowhere and a little common courtesy will get you lots of extra commission :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never gotten a t.y. card from a SA. Bitches. LOL.

Irene said...

nordstrom tried to make us write thank you letters to customers on a regular basis.

you can't lose if you're in the computer under a SA's "good customer list"