Thursday, September 11, 2008

Current WANT List

I'm trying to be good about shopping but that doesn't mean I can't generate a WANT list! Currently I'm dying for those platform YSL shoes that I've been talking about for months now. Although I doubt I'll get them, I'm still madly in love with them. A new Mike & Chris leather jacket has also been on my list for awhile now. I dont really wear the one that I have since the sleeves are kinda too puffy and I would prefer to get one with a hoodie :) I'm counting on my dad to start off my jewelry collection with something from VC& this point I'll take anything; bracelet, ring, necklace...I want them ALL so I would be happy with any of them. See, easy to please! And finally, my dad told me that my dark silver 2.55 is my last bag "in the near future" but he doesn't know about the Bottega that I special ordered :P I'll keep that on the DL but in the meantime, I've already decided on the purse to get after my Campana arrives...the Muse (large) in ostrich!! This bag will probably have to wait til 2009 and I haven't really picked out a color yet...I'll probably have to do some research on what colors they have available and all that fun stuff :P

PS: I have a billion other things that I could've included but these are the top 4...

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Irene said...

i concur with papa purse addict, you should work on your collection of jewelry for starters :D