Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Confused...

Wait, so Hilary, are you hot or cold or both or neither or what???! Half of you is a perfect summer outfit...shades, shorts, and a tank. Yet the other half of you is sporting the perfect winter accessories...knee-high boots and an oversized scarf. I mean I know its So Cal and esp this year, our weather has been sorta schizo but that doesn't mean your outfit has to be just as schizo as the weather :P I'm uneasy about the whole boots with shorts thing but I guess its sorta like the whole skirts and Uggs phase we all went through a few years ago. However, I feel like that scarf is driving you and your outfit over the edge. Talk about a confused and mismatched outfit (and not to mention, SLOPPY)! And wait...are those fishnet tights you've got on??? Geezus...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rue La La + Miu Miu + Me + Regret = Satisfaction??

About 2 weeks ago, Rue La La had a Miu Miu sale. I'm not exactly a big Miu Miu fan, but when big designer names go on sale, its ALWAYS worth taking a look. So anyhow, when I checked out the previews for the sale, I was totally excited to find that the light pink diamond patchwork tote was going to be included in the sale:

However, as the days dragged on before the sale, I began having doubts. Although this is a super cute bag, I feared that the style/color would soon go out of style and I would end up being embarrassed for owning such a dated bag. What can I say?? The pink Girly Diors have permanently scarred me :P

By the time the sale started, I had resolved not to buy the pink diamond patchwork and to just look around to see if there was anything else worth spending money on. The gray Napa Charms bag soon caught my eye and I quickly put it into my shopping cart.

BUUUUUT...I began having doubts again. Was it too much of a dome shape?? Before I could make up my mind...someone else bought the bag and I was left in panic-mode :(

So as I feverishly browsed through the remaining selection, I decided the gray tote was a safe choice and decided to just buy it before someone else had a chance to snatch it out of my shopping cart.

But of course, I ended up sorta regretting the purchase :P I felt like (or actually, I KNEW) I had purchased the tote just for the sake of buying something and was pretty sure I would be disappointed with it. My only solace was the fact that Rue La La has a great return policy. However, life is full of unexpected surprises! The gray tote in distressed leather arrived today and I'm more than happy to say, I LOVE IT!!! Yea, I'm kinda shocked too. The size is great and the leather quality is excellent. The picture makes the bag look very stiff but its actually a very slouchy bag that fits comfortably on your shoulders. This is as basic as it gets so I can rest easy about it never going out of style. Yay for me and my new bag :D

However, I have to say, I got lucky this time. I would not recommend anyone buying something just cus its on sale or because you're afraid someone else will get it before you :P Especially for these online boutiques...only impulse buy if they have a good return policy. Most places dont, Rue La La is one of the few who do. Its better to let something thats "just okay" go instead of having to live with it in regret. Another thing thats helpful when it comes to these online boutiques is to really know the designer. That way, you'll know exactly which styles you like and how the designs fit your body!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mulberry Ostrich Soho

I was on the Mulberry website today and discovered that the ostrich Soho is now on sale! DZ and I saw this bag back when I bought my ostrich Bayswater and we both agreed it was a great bag but the color we weren't so sure about. I still think its a great shoulder bag but personally, I just can't pull off that bright coral color. But for anyone that thinks this color would go well with the rest of their closet...GET IT!!! Mulberry has simple, no-nonsense designs which basically means they're timeless and classic. PLUS...its ostrich :D If you've never felt ostrich, I suggest you try cus you'll be happy to discover that its soft yet sturdy...making it both luxurious and foolproof!

Eck...I'm starting to feign for another ostrich bag...

A Blast From The Past

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Memories!!! The Gucci watch I received for my 11th bday (I was a teeny tiny sixth grader...)!!! LMAO...OMG...I had totally forgotten about this watch until I was browsing around the internet today and realized "Hey! I have that!" WOW...sorry, can you tell I'm suffering from severe nostalgia right now?? I remember when I first got this watch, it was like my absolute most prized possession for the next 2 years. It came with all those pretty interchangeable bezels and I used to match it with my outfits. HAHAHA :D Okay, the sad thing is...I have no idea where I put it (thats what happens when you're too young to appreciate Gucci or any designer watches for that matter...). I seriously haven't seen it for years!! Must be packed away somewhere since we moved twice between my 8th-10th grade years. *sigh* what I would give to be reunited with this watch...I'll have to ask my mom to keep and eye out for it!!

Shop It To Me

Whats better than buying things from your wish list?? Buying them on sale of course :D I'm known for patrolling the sales online and often finding great deals on great items but life just got easier for all us shopaholics. Shop It To Me is a group dedicated to finding items on sale by the designers of your choice. Registration is free and fast. Just let them know which designers you're interested in, your sizes, and which pieces you are particularly interested in (tops, dresses, vests, jackets, etc). Then just like that, you'll get email alerts every time something that fits your criteria goes on sale :) I have to warn you though...its not a good idea if you're currently trying to curb the addiction :P Enjoy and let me know what you buy!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somebody Stop Her!!

I'm glad shes doing better but geez...somebody please take those shoes away from Britney!!! I mean, besides the fact that its summer and shoes like that will only end up giving her a rash, those shoes are so ugly they should NEVER EVER EVER be worn. Seriously, those would be bad enough in the winter with some jeans and a jacket but pairing it up with a summer dress?? She might as well have thrown on some ear muffs :P Then theres the question of what those shoes are exactly. They look like a hybrid of Converse and Uggs. Any idea?? And finally, shoes that are made to stop mid-calf are never good. You basically automatically ensure your calves will look bigger with styles like that. Anyhoo, at least she looks happy in the picture :)

Purple Dior Pumps

Theres been a slight change. For the longest time, my main focus was purses. Lately I seem to be addicted to shoes. Within just the past 30 days, I've purchased 8 pairs of new shoes. In fact, nowadays when my mom talks to me about money, she puts it into the perspective of how many pairs of shoes I can get. HAHA...I love how my parents accommodate to all my obsessions...such good sports ;D Anyhow, aren't these purple pumps from Dior gorgeous?? If I add these to my Fall shopping list, my total (so far...) comes out to 2 pairs of pumps, 3 (4) purses, 1 wallet, and the usual amount of clothes (although this year, I have my eyes out for leather jackets in particular). Like I said in my last post...CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!!! I mean besides all the new collections that I've been anticipating, my bday and Christmas ALWAYS means an excuse to shop to my heart's content.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can't Wait For Fall!!

My Fall 08 shopping list seems to be growing everyday :P I'm pretty much sick of all the Spring/Summer/Cruise collections and patiently waiting for September to roll around. I'm on the wait-list at BV and Chanel; I'm hoping those two will be enough to curb my purse cravings (okay fine, maybe also Balenciaga...). As far as shoes go...YSL has my heart yet again. Check out these pumps for the Fall/Winter 08 collection!! I know DZ is rolling her eyes since these are yet again, another pair of black pumps but I CAN'T HELP IT!!! DZ and flat boots equals me and black pumps :P Since I passed up on the YSL Tribute Sandals, I'm totally justified in buying these :D So anyhow, in the meantime, before I splurge to my heart's content...I think I need to clean up my closet a bit...the poor thing is basically stuffed to capacity...

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll Believe It When I See It...

My first post ever was about Balenciaga and it was then that I decided to give up my love-hate relationship with Balenciaga. I was tired of going through the love phases and then deciding that I hated it when I went to actually purchase the damn thing. Well recently, I saw a girl walking around Rodeo with the Giant Brief and now I'm back in love :P I never really noticed the Giant Brief before but its seriously WAY cute as a shoulder bag. When you first see it, you think the handles are too short to fit over your shoulder but thats the beauty of the bag. It fits ever so snuggly over your shoulders and hugs your body perfectly. I actually went to BNY to try it on and was about to pull out the credit card but they only had it available in Anthracite. I think I'll hold off til the Fall colors comes out...maybe in a blue or the purty Sapphire Violet :D But yea, until I actually get my greedy little hands on this bag, I'll refrain from calling myself a re-born Balenciaga lover :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping Proves To Be The Best Cure For Hangovers...

If you have access to my other blog then you already know or actually partook in the wild and crazy girls night out that we had Friday night :) It was a blast that ended with me passing out on the couch as DZ hugged Mexican lollipops and watched Bridget Jones's Diary :D When Saturday came around, we realized that the best thing we could do on such a hot day was to go shopping at Southcoast!!! And shopping we did :) I love the new DZ, mainly the new DZ that buys and buys and spends and spends just as much (if not more) than me!!! So anyways, I ended up with one of THE MOST RANDOM purchases EVER and one purchase that probably ranks as one of THE best deals ever!!

First up...THE most random purchase EVER...

Yes, I realize I don't own a Paddington nor do I ever plan on getting a Paddington nor do I even like Paddingtons but YES, I did manage to buy a mini Paddington key chain :P What can I say?? I'm a sucker for cute little trinkets :) When DZ was paying for her sunglasses, I happened to come across these little miniature creations and just HAD to have one ;) Random, totally and utterly random , but I LOVE my new keychain...HAHAHA!!

And then...we found THE best deal EVER that left me grinning from ear to ear!!

Remember when I gushed about the Burberry booties that Gwyneth wore when promoting Iron Man??! Well, I held off on buying them cus they were $940 :P But once again, the Shopping Gods were on my side :) DZ and I decided to look around Burberry as we were walking around Southcoast and I noticed the booties under the SALE section and practically barked out to DZ "GIVE ME THOSE BOOTIES!!!" When I flipped the booties over, I found that they were about 60% off and quickly ran over to the SAs and demanded to try them on in my size. So anyhow, long story short, I ended up skipping away happily away with the booties that I once lusted and obsessed over :) Sure they're kinda out of season but once the hot weather goes away, I completely plan on rocking these with some tights and dresses. BTW..these do sorta hurt your ankles but I managed to solve that problem by breaking them in which basically meant me walking around my apartment with them on in 90+ degrees weather ;P

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jimmy and the Gladiator (Part 2)

Aren't these shoes super duper hot??! Fergie wore these to some Cartier event and now I'm obsessed with them. I guess this is part of the upcoming fall/winter collection but I just checked online and Jimmy Choo only has the version without the zipper available. But after looking at the price of the non-zippered version, its pretty much settled that these are a bit pricey (fine, WAY pricey) for a passing trend. Ugh...

PS: Although I am fully aware that I dont need another pair of shoes, I really want a pair of Jimmy Choos!! Maybe not as expensive as these uber sexy heels but I want some Choos :P

**UPDATE** Okay just found these on Saks and yeup...WAY too expensive for a fleeting trend...

Prada Butterfly Sunnies

Okay so when the ads first came out for the Prada Butterfly sunnies I was instantly in love. I was even playing with the idea of getting a pair since they're starting to trickle into stores now BUT I unfortunately had to come across this picture today...

Stupid Paris Hilton had to ruin it!! Those look absolutely terrible on her and she really should've saved us all the pain of having to look at her wearing some sunglasses that are obviously so wrong for her face shape.

Heres what they should look like:

Cute right?? Stupid Paris...*UGH*...her and Heidi...freakin always ruining everything...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was browsing through Saks just now and was absolutely shocked to find that my Spy is now selling for a little over $2000!!. When I bought this bag in February of 2007, it was $1700. DZ says thats a 17% price increase in one year. I mean prices are increasing on just about everything but it really makes me sad to see the price of luxury goods skyrocketing :( Take Chanel for example. Karl is just going crazy with the prices over there. I noticed that the newer stuff are coming at higher and higher prices; a regular ole tote is $3000! It wont be long before the flaps go for $3000-4000. You know what that means...GET YOURS TODAY!! No but seriously though...just about every bag I own has gone up in price (LV is also pretty notorious for its price increases...) and it just makes me want to go out and buy everything just so I dont have to end up paying more later...too bad I dont have the funds to do that though...BOOOO!!

A Bag For Your Bag

In the crazy world of Hermes, its common for Birkin owners to buy Longchamp totes just so it can hold their precious Birkins when they travel. So I guess Longchamp is the official bag for your bags :P Kinda crazy huh? I guess dust bags just dont cut it after you spend $7000 on a purse...I've even read that you're suppose to let your Birkin "rest" on the tissue "pillows" that it comes with...HAHAHAHA. So anyhow, I guess I can see why it would be a good idea to have a bag for your Birkin but wouldn't it be sorta inconvenient to pull your purse out of another purse when you need something from your purse??! I guess I'm just a bit confused. I mean, are you suppose to travel with another purse and just carry the Birkin in the Longchamp as sorta like a carry-on?? Very mind-boggling...I'll just have to wait til I get my own Birkin to see what all the fuss is about :P

Lola, Lola, Lola!

I finally decided to wear my Lolas and I feel like my feet are going to snap off of my legs. Theres no platform and the heels are extremely thin. All that equals me in pain. Seriously, my knees kinda hurt. I guess this is what they mean by "pain is beauty". These shoes are killer sexy but are literally killing me. I'm definitely going to have to reserve these for occasions where i know I'll be mostly sitting...thank goodness I brought some flats with me :P

**UPDATE: At approximately 2pm, I finally caved and changed into my flats :P **

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick Note

So I started a new blog thats not related to fashion. Its invite only and it'll be me basically ranting about more personal/private/random topics. I've already sent out a few invites but if I've missed you or if you would like an invite, please just let me know and I'll let you into the cool kids club (lol...j/k, I'm not that into myself...)

BTW...I will still be posting on this blog which will still be dedicated to my love for all things related to fashion :)

Repeat Outfits

I dont know about ya'll, but I find it silly and nearly impossible not to repeat an outfit at least once. However, the question many repeats equal one too many?? Now it may be none of my business, but I can't help the fact that I just naturally pay attention to what people wear and I more often than not, can differentiate between new and repeats. Again, I'll reiterate...there is nothing wrong with a repeat but dontcha think more than once a week is a bit much/unattractive?!? I apologize if I'm being rude but seriously? I mean sure, if you do nothing but lay around in your sweats, go right on ahead and wear the same couch potato outfit but lets say you work full time in a business causal environment...isn't it almost like an unwritten rule that you should wear a different outfit for each day of the work week?? I mean, the same outerwear or shoes are fine but the same dress, shirt, pants, or skirt in my opinion is pushing it. I guess this can be my #2 Fashion Pet Peeve :P

PS: I would also like to add that if you wear the same outfit, without fail, at least once a week, every also falls under the "bit much/unattractive" category :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


I know I've talked about this perhaps a bit too much but I seriously CANNOT WAIT until September when Turbulence hits stores!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the zip-around wallet in Turbulence that I've been obsessing over :) Isn't it totally TO DIE FOR?!?!?!?! I know...I'm such a TPFer now :P *Sigh* My heart is beating at an incredibly rapid pace right now but I will be patient...aARGH

Little Valentina

Sucha cutie!! It must be damn nice having a hot mama and a billionaire daddy :P I envy this little girl so much. Can you imagine growing up and having Gucci, Bottega, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney, YSL, and Alexander McQueen literally at your fingertips??? Sure money can't buy you happiness and a lot of these rich kids grow up with bad family lives and absentee parents but crap, it must be nice stumbling around YSL knowing your family owns it...I know I would abuse my privileges like crazy :P

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh No She Didnt!

There are stuff out there that are absolutely hideous but are still sold at outrageously expensive prices because designers have realized that they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want and still have people bending over backwards just so they can say they own something by so and so. Take for example the Fendi bag pictured below...

I mean...ya'll have eyes so there is no need for me to elaborate about just how fugly this thing is but please keep in mind that this "beauty" was priced at $7190. However, lets move on from the issue of overpriced fug and look at the real problem: its one thing for fug to exist but its another thing for actual human beings to go out and buy these expensive fug creations. Kent and I were watching the Lakers game and during halftime, they had a shot of Kobe kissing his daughters and Vanessa. Knowing me, my eyes went straight to her outfit and although I couldn't see much, I did see something that strongly resembled this Fendi bag hanging off of her arm. I would not put it past Vanessa to spend $7k on furry fugness cus lets face it, money can't buy you class or good taste...

Okay fine, I should be nice...she is after all a mother and a wife BUT a purple tutu with cutoff leggings and black stiletto boots?!?!?!? Good luck living this one down...

Style Envy: Carrie (aka SJP)

Although I have seen every episode of SATC and can probably give you a detailed synopsis for each and every episode, I have to admit...I still haven't seen the movie. Yea I know, what kind of SATC fan am I??!? Working full-time really sucks the life outta ya and before you know it, weekends are best spent lying in bed :P So anyhoo, I was browsing the internet and came across this picture of Carrie (fine...SJP...) looking fabulous. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I dont think SJP is particularly a good-looking person. Yet clothes just seem to work well with her body and she definitely knows how to wear all her outfits with enviable confidence. I LOVE this outfit, I love everything about this outfit. From the poofy dress to those sexy nude stilettos to that outrageous Ferragamo clutch that has Carrie's name written all over it. love, Love, jealous :(

Goodbye Somewhere...Hello Lanvin

Okay, so last night I came to the painful conclusion that I should return my black Louboutin Somewheres. I had been in denial for about a month but yesterday I decided that it was time to face the facts: 1. The Somewheres are harder to walk in than the Rolandos! Just imagine walking with all the weight on the tip of your toes... 2. They remind me of a mix between the Rolandos and the Lolas and since I have both of those already, I really dont need a hybrid of the two :P 3. The 2 reasons already given should be enough for me to want my $800 back!! And so this morning, I sadly drove to BNY and returned the Somewheres...*SOB*

Looking at this picture literally breaks my heart :( But I have to be strong...

*Sigh* So anyhow...since I was already at the shoe department, I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to take a quick peek at all the shoes on sale...ya know, just to look :P Well, gosh darnit, I was in Lanvin flats heaven :D They had the satin red, the black satin flower, the blue python, the tin foil silver, the patent yellow, the patent red...ALL on sale!! Lanvin flats are the mother of all flats and so it makes sense that I just had to have one (or two) pairs right??!

White leather with silver trim...loooooooooove em!!

Blue patent with crystal flower...these are a bit pricey, despite being on sale :P However, the color and the damn flower was just too much for me to say no to :)

I'm uber excited over my new flats but a little sad that I actually ended up spending more money...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Addiction to Shopping

Its no secret that I'm addicted to shopping. I've always known this but as I was trying to sleep last night, I realized just how much of an addict I've become. For example, in the past 3 weeks, I've scored 6 pairs of shoes (Saks, BNY, YSL), 1 handbag (YSL), 1 pair of sunglasses (BDB), and lots of new clothes (BDB, H&M, Revolve, Gilt). By normal standards, my thirst for more new stuff should be somewhat quenched. But nope, last night I found myself bored with my closet and trying to figure out what I wanted to buy next. Ridiculous, I know. Its not that I dont love and appreciate what I have, its just that I crave the initial excitement of finding and buying something new (the giddiness of finding something new, the joy of trying it on, and the satisfaction of taking it home). There was a time when I was able to find relief after a good shopping spree and could wait months before my next splurge. Nowadays, its more like 2 weeks and I'm dying for more. Shopping brightens up just about every bad mood but I realize its time I become a bit more grounded. I dont have to have everything I see, even if I want to have everything I see :P I realize I'm just blabbering pointlessly right now but I honestly do miss the good ole days when the shopping bug would hit me once every couple of months. I've tried telling myself I dont want anything right now but lying never gets you far. I've tried putting myself on "probation" but I always managed to sneak in purchases. My dad tried making me pay for my own bills but I somehow always manage to get away with small splurges. I've tried splurging for the sake of getting it over with but ended up with nothing but a brand new wish list. If this continues...will one of you call Oprah or Dr. Phil for me?? Thanks!! No but seriously...I need help...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kill Me NOW

Just the other week I was pretty sure I was over my whole shoe craze but nope, I had to check out Neimans during halftime and lookie here! Yep, another pair for me to drool and obssess over :( How perfect are these booties?!?!? I'm not too big on booties and boots but gosh darnit these are too damn cute. I usually dont go over $700 (and this is only on rare occasions...) with my shoe purchases but I do believe boots are the one thing (in my shoe world) that justifies a splurge...splurge as in over $1000. However, right now I'm trying to decide if booties also fall under this caveat :P If I do decide booties are in the same category as boots I might just have to order these...God help me...

Okay just writing that little paragraph above, I've taken about 10 2 minutes breaks just to stare at the picture...FREAKIN A...

Monday, June 9, 2008

My ULTIMATE Dream...

This past weekend was hands down one of the best weekends EVER!!! Met some of the greatest people ever and totally fell in love with SD...a great place to raise a family!! I also found something new to fantasize and obsess over :D Saturday night, we randomly thought it would be a great idea to walk to the beach since it was only a block away from AMN's place and on the way Kent wanted to show me "the sexiest car alive". Now I've had my share of dream cars but Kent wasn't kidding when he said it would be the sexiest car we would ever lay eyes on...

The Bugatti Veyron in black is now my absolute ULTIMATE dream car. You might wonder why you've never seen one on the streets but maybe thats cus this sleek beauty is priced at $1,500,000 O.O has the ability to make every other car seem tame :P Yes, someday Kent will buy the black and red version while I cruise along in my all black version and AMN will trail behind us with her powder blue Bentley...HAHAH

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Large Croc Embossed Rive Gauche

When I bought my Muse last week, I had actually considered getting the large Rive Gauche in white patent leather with croc embossing. It was also 40% off and now I can't get it out of my head :( The straps are detachable but I actually thought it was also cute when worn messenger style. Its a pretty roomy bag that would be great for travel and I kinda, sorta wish I had gotten it. The style isn't as classic as the Muse, one of the reasons why I opted for the Muse instead, but when something sticks in your head a week after seeing it, isn't that a sign that maybe we're destined to be together??! Or maybe I'm just getting tempted from all the TPF browsing I've done lately. But no worries, I have my priorities straight...Reissue and Campana must come first :) Ugh...if only I had the luxury of buying everything and anything my heart desires...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vintage...Not Your Average Day Hand-Me-Downs

Being raised by a germaphobic mom, I was taught that most things on this earth is dirty. Hence, my distaste for hand-me-down and/or borrowed clothing ( of my top pet peeves is people asking to borrow my clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc...I dont care how close we are, dont do it unless you want me to immediately get annoyed at you...). This year I started slowing getting into vintage since hey, everyone else is into it! Yes, I realize I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon here and should not be considered a real vintage fan but at least I'm trying! So after much observance and browsing, I've come to appreciate rare vintage finds that are in mint condition...too bad these will most definitely cost you plenty of pretty pennies :P I mean its bizarre to think that "second hand clothing" can be so much!! I guess you have to factor in the fact that whoever owned it kept it in great condition or it was restored to a great condition; its rare; its one-of-a-kind; and whoever is selling it probably went through some hurdles to acquire it. But honestly, its still pretty mind-boggling how expensive some vintage pieces will go for. Take Decades for example. While I absolutely love reading the blogs for Decades and Decades 2, its crazy that some items come with a disclaimer warning you that that particular item is being offered at a higher price than what you will find in stores O.O Or you come across items like this Chanel gown from Fall 2007:

I was drawn to this gown because I recognized it as the same gown that Blake Lively wore to a Chanel event some months ago but was dumbfounded by the asking price. Any guesses?? How bout $12,000?? Too expensive?? Well hell, its actually "cheap" considering it was first obtained at an auction for over $30,000. Did your heart stop for a sec or did you fall off your chair?? Its pretty disheartening to realize that for the price of a gown that you would at most wear once or twice, you could potentially save a whole country from starvation and disease in Africa. I mean I realize that couture gowns are almost never cheaper than $30,000 and plenty of things on God's green earth is overpriced these days but you would at least think second-hand items are there to give your wallets a break!! *SIGH* Okay I'm done venting about how expensive vintage is these day and BTW...I'm still a fan of Decades and Decades 2 :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Running Of The Brides

Wedding season is upon us again and that means TV stations like TLC insist on bridal show marathons just to drive us unmarried folks crazy! I was watching shows here and there yesterday and the one titled "Running Of The Brides" caught my eye. For many years, I had heard about how crazy bridal sales can get (think Monica with whistles...) but by the end of the show, I was absolutely floored by what exactly goes on during Filene's Basement's World Famous Bridal Event.

The crazy event is held once a year in NY and twice a year in Boston and offers ridiculously good deals on designer wedding gowns. The most expensive dress was about $700 (original price was around $20000 I think...) O.O Most people get away with dresses at about $300. However, in order to succeed in an event like this, the following steps are necessary:

1. Form teams of about 5-10 people...make sure they are reliable people who dont mind waiting in line for 4+hours and have no shame when it comes to grabbing gowns.
2. Come up with team uniforms or costumes...crucial since you need a way to easily spot members of your team after you've grabbed all the gowns your arms can hold (bright colors are always a plus).
3. Be sure to have plenty of strategy planning meetings with your teams...delegate who will be the dressers, who will be the protectors, who will be the traders, etc.
4. The sale starts at 8am but to get a good spot in line, you should ideally get there 3:30-4am.
5. Once the sale begins, run like crazy and grab whatever you no attention to the sizes since you just have to try it on to know for sure how it fits.
6. Once all the racks are cleared (usually takes 60 seconds...)...sort through the goods and make sure the protectors are on the lookout for potential moochers.
7. While you try on the potential dresses, have your traders go out and trade the "HELL NO's" for better options.
8. It is helpful for one of your team members to take pictures of you in your potential dresses.
9. Once you've decided on your dress, get the hell out of there and treat your team members to one helluva lunch or dinner.

After watching the show, I've decided that I will opt NOT to go for this mother of all sales when I'm planning my wedding since I can see myself having a nervous breakdown while trying on the dresses...HOWEVER, I am of course open to joining YOUR team :) I promise to be the best grabber everrrrrrrrr...


Jess...that dress and that awkward pose is a bit unflattering on you...

R.I.P Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008)