Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was browsing through Saks just now and was absolutely shocked to find that my Spy is now selling for a little over $2000!!. When I bought this bag in February of 2007, it was $1700. DZ says thats a 17% price increase in one year. I mean prices are increasing on just about everything but it really makes me sad to see the price of luxury goods skyrocketing :( Take Chanel for example. Karl is just going crazy with the prices over there. I noticed that the newer stuff are coming at higher and higher prices; a regular ole tote is $3000! It wont be long before the flaps go for $3000-4000. You know what that means...GET YOURS TODAY!! No but seriously though...just about every bag I own has gone up in price (LV is also pretty notorious for its price increases...) and it just makes me want to go out and buy everything just so I dont have to end up paying more later...too bad I dont have the funds to do that though...BOOOO!!


Jon Bravo said...
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Emma said...

Yes and that's exactly why they put up their prices to such a ridiculous degree; to, falsely, make people feel it's now or never (just like people were made to feel by estate agents, in the pre-bust housing market).

I love my designer items and especially my bags (most of which I bought several years ago, when they were more reasonably priced), but if everyone just held out, for a while, the design houses would soon have to drop their prices (or 'adjust' them downwards!). :)

But, while they have their (IMO, totally false) assumptions, that the wealthy are all idiots who will pay anything (which I believe is NOT the case, incidentally), confirmed, the prices will never fall, of course.

I think the pertinent question, now, is not so much; 'Can I afford it?'. as; 'Should I afford it?'.

Purse Addict said...

Good point Emma...holding off to drive the prices down is probably better than buying now and consequently increasing the prices even more!