Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goodbye Somewhere...Hello Lanvin

Okay, so last night I came to the painful conclusion that I should return my black Louboutin Somewheres. I had been in denial for about a month but yesterday I decided that it was time to face the facts: 1. The Somewheres are harder to walk in than the Rolandos! Just imagine walking with all the weight on the tip of your toes... 2. They remind me of a mix between the Rolandos and the Lolas and since I have both of those already, I really dont need a hybrid of the two :P 3. The 2 reasons already given should be enough for me to want my $800 back!! And so this morning, I sadly drove to BNY and returned the Somewheres...*SOB*

Looking at this picture literally breaks my heart :( But I have to be strong...

*Sigh* So anyhow...since I was already at the shoe department, I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to take a quick peek at all the shoes on sale...ya know, just to look :P Well, gosh darnit, I was in Lanvin flats heaven :D They had the satin red, the black satin flower, the blue python, the tin foil silver, the patent yellow, the patent red...ALL on sale!! Lanvin flats are the mother of all flats and so it makes sense that I just had to have one (or two) pairs right??!

White leather with silver trim...loooooooooove em!!

Blue patent with crystal flower...these are a bit pricey, despite being on sale :P However, the color and the damn flower was just too much for me to say no to :)

I'm uber excited over my new flats but a little sad that I actually ended up spending more money...


Through My Eyes said...

And to think you used to tease me and sha about our flats... admit it, you love flats too!!

Those are BOTH to die for, love the color and the detailing!

Purse Addict said...

Whoa! Totally forgot about my pre-flat days!! I think I really started getting into them this year and now I'm a little addicted...though I'm still very picky since theres nothing worse than uncomfortable flats...totally defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place!!