Friday, June 27, 2008

Rue La La + Miu Miu + Me + Regret = Satisfaction??

About 2 weeks ago, Rue La La had a Miu Miu sale. I'm not exactly a big Miu Miu fan, but when big designer names go on sale, its ALWAYS worth taking a look. So anyhow, when I checked out the previews for the sale, I was totally excited to find that the light pink diamond patchwork tote was going to be included in the sale:

However, as the days dragged on before the sale, I began having doubts. Although this is a super cute bag, I feared that the style/color would soon go out of style and I would end up being embarrassed for owning such a dated bag. What can I say?? The pink Girly Diors have permanently scarred me :P

By the time the sale started, I had resolved not to buy the pink diamond patchwork and to just look around to see if there was anything else worth spending money on. The gray Napa Charms bag soon caught my eye and I quickly put it into my shopping cart.

BUUUUUT...I began having doubts again. Was it too much of a dome shape?? Before I could make up my mind...someone else bought the bag and I was left in panic-mode :(

So as I feverishly browsed through the remaining selection, I decided the gray tote was a safe choice and decided to just buy it before someone else had a chance to snatch it out of my shopping cart.

But of course, I ended up sorta regretting the purchase :P I felt like (or actually, I KNEW) I had purchased the tote just for the sake of buying something and was pretty sure I would be disappointed with it. My only solace was the fact that Rue La La has a great return policy. However, life is full of unexpected surprises! The gray tote in distressed leather arrived today and I'm more than happy to say, I LOVE IT!!! Yea, I'm kinda shocked too. The size is great and the leather quality is excellent. The picture makes the bag look very stiff but its actually a very slouchy bag that fits comfortably on your shoulders. This is as basic as it gets so I can rest easy about it never going out of style. Yay for me and my new bag :D

However, I have to say, I got lucky this time. I would not recommend anyone buying something just cus its on sale or because you're afraid someone else will get it before you :P Especially for these online boutiques...only impulse buy if they have a good return policy. Most places dont, Rue La La is one of the few who do. Its better to let something thats "just okay" go instead of having to live with it in regret. Another thing thats helpful when it comes to these online boutiques is to really know the designer. That way, you'll know exactly which styles you like and how the designs fit your body!


Irene said...

VERY well put!!

can't wait to see your bags in person when i visit you in july! :D

Purse Addict said...

thank you thank you!

Can't wait to SEE YOU!! Oh you and Olivia...HAHA

:-) said...

love your blog. just started reading it.

Purse Addict said...

thanks! hope you come back for more :)

jane said...

u pick the prettiest pictures. brightens up my gray day^^