Sunday, May 4, 2008

Unexpected But Excellent ...

I wasn't expecting to do much this weekend, in fact I had pictured myself reading and watching Friends on my couch the whole time. Well life is full of surprises. My Saturday brunch date with DZ somehow morphed into a day long shopping trip on Melrose. We browsed through Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs (finally tried on his backward heel...surprisingly comfy but not really me), Fred Segal, Resurrection, Theory, Nanette Lepore, Madison, Miss Sixty, Diabless, and oh yea, Mulberry. I went into Mulberry mainly cus I wanted to check out the leather quality/feel of the Bayswater. As soon as we walked in, I practically ran to the purple ostrich Bayswater on display and started gushing about it to DZ. In the midst of me admiring the ostrich Bayswater, the SA greeted us with "Hello ladies, just to let you know, as a Mother Day promotion, every single item in the store is 30%". I think my heart stopped beating for about 5 seconds as I tried to register the information. I told the SA I hated him cus he was basically making it impossible for me to not walk out with the ostrich Bayswater...when else would I come across a ostrich Bayswater in a perfect purple color at 30% off?!?! Um, basically never. Thus, I feel fully justified in my purchase pictured below...

I had a hard time taking these pictures cus Libby could not get enough of my new Mulberry...guess she takes after her mommy!

(Dont worry...Libby is only smelling, not biting, my precious new purchase...)

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to purchase my first exotic for 30% off in such a gorgeous color and lets not forget the fact that this is my first Mulberry!! Mulberry is huge in England and the SA told us its actually much more cheaper to get it in the States than in England ($995 for a regular leather Bayswater here is 1200 pounds there). The promotion is also only happening at the Melrose location so if you've been craving for a Mulberry, I would highly recommend making a mad dash to Melrose :) BTW...I predict Mulberry to skyrocket in popularity in the States soon so it wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase one now before the prices start increasing!


jane said...


Irene said...

really mulberry is that big huh?

you finally got your ostrich skin!!!!!!!!

the big question is, would it be excessive if you still wanted your ostrich birkin bag?

Purse Addict said... is slightly bigger than i had initially expected but I still L O V E it :)

And no, it would not be excessive for me to get the birkin in kinda question is that irene?!?