Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tricky Weather

I didn't get a chance to post my outfit from yesterday so here it is in all its glory!

Stupid weather, tricked me again! I know the sun was out yesterday but I thought I saw some wind and decided to be cautious since it gets pretty darn windy in Torrance...but of course it wasn't windy yesterday. In fact, it was the perfect weather for some of my more flimsy dresses and yet, I walked around in a sweater dress :P No worries, I've learned my lesson and will soon make it a habit of checking before walking out the door :)

Dress: Catherina Malandrino. I first tried this dress on at Shaya and was in love but not so in love that I was willing to fork over $400 (might've been $500...I forget). Good thing I'm practically an expert at stalking sales and was able to find this dress on shopbop at a ridiculously good discount price :) Moral of the story? When in doubt, wait for it to go on sale!

Leggings: Arden B

Earrings: LN

Shoes: Can't see 'em but I wore my Stephen Venezia pumps

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