Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Love You So Much I Hate You

Yes, Christian. Its true, I love you so much that I think I'm beginning to resent you. Why do you torture me with your shoes?? I've been holding out for sale season to begin so that we could get reacquainted but now, you're making me fall in love with all these new designs that for sure wont be going on sale anytime soon. I'm trying to prove to my dad that I'm not compulsive when it comes to spending money but you're making it very damn hard. Like for example, I had basically accepted that fact that your platform MJs were gone forever but today I find these...

How do you explain this?! And to add insult to injury, you mark these up to $1000?!? Not so nice...I practically grabbed my credit card the minute I saw these but then dad is not going to look so kindly upon $1000 shoes...$700 maybe, $1000 is pushing it. So unless these go on sale, our relationship will suffer. Oh and this is me being nice, dont even get me started on your Fall 08 stuff...

**Its okay everyone, I'm still sane...just a little upset right now but still sane...**

***UPDATE: Looking back on this post, I feel a little bad for being so harsh on, sorry Mr. Louboutin, you know I love you!***

1 comment:

Lilo said...

LOL...girl, don't we all have a love-hate relationship with shoes and/or purses?! ;) Really love ur humor.
You just got a new fan! ;)