Saturday, May 10, 2008

Burberry Private Sale

About 2 weeks ago, I was browsing through TPF and came across a thread about Burberry's private sale online. One of the girls was nice enough to forward me the email link and I was lucky enough to find some great deals. Most of the jackets and shoes were sold out in my size but I of course still managed to spend money...theres something about stuff on sale that I just can't say no to :P I know its practically summer and a scarf really wouldn't be appropriate for this time of year but how could I say no to $100 off the large cashmere scarves?? I also took the opportunity to buy something that I probably wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't on sale...the Check headband. I dont wear headbands that much but the Burberry Check headbands always catch my attention when I see it on other girls and plus, IT WAS ON SALE :) If you keep up with this blog then you might be asking yourself, WTH ever happened to her shopping probation?? Yes, I have broken it quite a few times but I'm gonna try to really stay true to it til the end of, weak sauce, I know.

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