Saturday, May 31, 2008


BDB, also known as Billion Dollar Babes, is a wonderful shopping organization that holds various invitation-only events (basically members only sample sales) throughout the year. Members are divided into three levels; regular membership is free, gold membership is $100/year, and platinum is $200/year. All members get email updates and invites to the various events but there are perks to paying for membership. Platinum members usually get about a 3 hour head start before all other members, a gift bag for the annual fall sale, priority check-in and check-out, and 4 guest invites. Gold members get about a 2 hour head start before regular members, priority check-in and check-out, and 2 guest invites. DZ and I joined last year and we split the gold membership (worked out great so its worth trying if you want to save some money!) but this year we both decided to upgrade to platinum :) While there are about a dozen events (most complete with free refreshments and manicures) held each year, the spring and fall sales are the two events that are most worth your time and money. Racks and racks of clothes from various designers and most are under $100!! There are also handbags, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses for sale. I've come to make it a habit to buy my fill of Oliver Peoples sunglasses during each sale...$300-400 sunglasses for $100-150!!!

From the spring sale this year...

Sorta like the Oliver Peoples I got during the fall sale but I dont have sunglasses with light frames so these are a great (and cheap) addition to my collection :)

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