Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow Shoe Envy

I know this is slightly old news but seriously, looking at pictures of Gwyneth's sky-high heels is making me all hot and bothered :P Gwyneth shares my love for sky-high heels and platforms...the only difference is, she has the luxury of actually owning every pair of wildly expensive but wildly fabulous high-heel out there...

The black pumps are YSL and the lacy pumps are Dsquared. I want them both :) I guess the lacy pumps are a bit much but how can anyone refuse those killer thin heels?!

Burberry patent leather oxfords and Louboutin patent leather Rolandos. I already have the Rolandos but I would KILL for those oxfords :)

People also have their panties in a bunch over her funky brown Pachinni oxfords:

These babies are 7 inches in height and she actually needed assistance walking in them. A bit too funky for my tastes but still fabulous nonetheless :)

*Sigh*...I'm completely enamored with her shoe collection but I must now return to cramming for my microbio exam...

*PS* Of course these are not the complete collection of her recent shoe orgy but just some of my favorites...

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