Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reissue Fever

For some reason I decided that I wanted a new Reissue yesterday. Now I am completely obsessed with Reissues of all sizes and colors. While I still think my purple Reissue is one of the greatest bags ever, its a bit small for everyday use. Hence, I think I should invest in another Reissue of bigger size in perhaps a metallic black or dark silver. Hell, lets be real...I want them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I've been oogling at pictures of Reissues on TPF since yesterday and I'm seriously in love with all of them. Its gotten to the point where the Reissue Mademoiselle lock is officially winning over the CC lock. Yea, I know! I'm trying to plan out when it would be the most strategic to stick a Reissue into my shopping plans...currently it looks like the end of '08 since I'll be able to pass if off as a bday or xmas gift :) Okay, back to right arm is getting tired from all the scrolling but my obsession is not allowing me to rest :P

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