Thursday, May 8, 2008

Denim Dress...A Rare Find

Other than jeans, I'm not too keen on denim. I think the whole denim jacket fad in high school killed it for me. However, it was hard for me to say no to this denim dress...theres something about full skirts that I can't say no to. And oh yea, we tried out a new location today :)

My company sells nutritional products, hence the larger than life carrots and peas in the background :P

Cardigan: Lin?? I forgot to ask my photographer to take a picture of the back of this cardigan...its a hooded cardigan!!! Yes, I get a kick out of stuff like this...

Dress: H&M...I've always known that I own a lot of stuff from H&M but this blog has made me realize just how much H&M stuff I actually have...

Tights: Spanx...dont worry, I have 4 or 5 pairs in rotation. Brings up a good topic...ladies, our tights is sorta almost like our underwear so please, wash them after each use. I say this because I once saw a poll on a website asking readers how often they wash their tights...that to me is equivalent to posing the question "How often do you wash your underwear?"

Shoes: Louboutin...yes, I am now fully recovered from my mid-afternoon Louboutin breakdown.


jane said...

that doesnt look like denim from far away. i had to stare hard at the pic to see the denim stitching^^

Irene said...

where are your accessories???

next time take a picture of the ruffle detailing on the front the dress

you should try cropping the photos, it'll create a better focus on your clothes, unless you want to be super artistic and maximize the background and then crop it horizontally.... and also use a smaller resolution since the photos are so enormous when someone clicks on them.

-your editor.


Purse Addict said...

Oh man. are the BESTEST EDITOR EVERRRRRRR!!!, never expected for you to take your job so seriously!! Looove it :) Okay I will keep all this info in mind next time...maybe I can commission you to move to LA so you can be here in person...HAHAHAHAHA :P

Purse Addict said...

PS Irene: "unless you want to be super artistic and maximize the background and then crop it horizontally.... " I dont get this...LOL