Friday, May 16, 2008

YSL Mary Janes

So you know by now that YSL is one of my favorites. I usually remember to stalk their selection at least once every other week. Ever since I bought my Tribute MJs, I haven't really seen anything too drool-worthy (I guess minus the Tribute T-Strap Sandals...) but today I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of these patent MJs :) Since the Louboutin MJs are about $400 too much, these are perfect for my price range since they're $400 less than the CLs. Great platform height, sexy heel, patent leather, whats not to like? I'm extremely tempted to pre-order them right now but I'm thinking of holding out till the summer sales are over...dont want to do too much damage too soon! I really hope bored, rich housewives dont get too excited over these and buy them by the bundle...I'm going to hurt someone if these end up becoming like the Tribute MJs >( *Sigh* Can't get over how sexy they look from the back...

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