Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dior Soft (???) Babe

I blogged about this bag when it first came out on eluxury and finally got to try it on today and IT SUCKS. Like it sucks really, really bad. Who in God's name decided to name this the "Soft" Babe?!?! The leather chosen for this bag is probably the hardest leather my hands have ever touched. It looks slouchy and soft in pictures but let me assure you that this bag is FAR from being slouchy and soft. Its more like rigid and ROCK HARD. I mean it looks okay when you hold it but why are you going to pay thousands of dollars for leather thats of laughable quality?? The people at Dior TOTALLY deceived the public when they chose the name for this bag and yes, I am very PO-ed about it >(

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jane said...

the name is funny^^