Saturday, May 31, 2008


So after much (way too much...) whining about the YSL Muse...I F I N A L L Y got myself one :)

I could've waited a few more months for the fall colors to come out but the mint green (large size) was on sale for about $500 off and so I thought, heck...this is good enough for meeeeeeee!! Plus, I was missing green in my bag collection :D

Oh yea...I also decided to buy yet another pair of shoes...BUT I got if for about $200+ off even though it actually wasn't even on sale!! Looove it when stores mis-mark items ;)

The straps are detachable so its like 2 shoes in one for an incredibly good price!!

So now I can finally stop talking about how I should buy a target?? Reissue!!! Okay yes, I need to get a grip on things...*DEEP BREATHS*...


Irene said...

NO MORE TILL SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!! i mean it!!!!!!!!


p.s. i may be coming down to LA 2nd weekend of july....

Purse Addict said...

Yes mom :(

Call me if you do come down!!