Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Soft Dior Babe Small Shopping Bag

Its been a loooong time since I've found anything from Dior even remotely attractive but lookie here...a new bag to crave for the spring! The Soft Babe bag first caught my eye when I saw a picture of Eva Mendes carrying it on her arms. Then this weekend as I was flipping through my Neimans (or Saks...forget which one...) book, I saw a breathtaking picture of the Soft Babe in purple ostrich. While the ostrich is a bit out of my league (I believe the asking price is $8000), I'm free to oogle at the the regular leather version :) The little clutch you see in front of the bag is actually attached to a leather strap on the inside of the bag and you can choose to leave it inside or carry it separately...two bags for the price of one!! Although I swore off the Gucci top handle bags, I love the handle on this bag and the color is simply to die for <3 I'll need to see it in person to find out just how big and heavy the bag is...I'm also hoping the handle will be wide enough to fit on my shoulders cus I think this would be great as a arm or shoulder bag. Bold colors are whats in for this spring so this would be fantastic for me to carry but I'll wait a bit as currently, a new bag is actually towards the end of my WANT list (shocking, I know!). This bag does kinda, sorta resemble the Marni bag but hands down, I would choose this purple bag over the patent Marni ones!

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Irene said...

............ sorry not a fan.

i think its b/c i see so many really cheap knock off ones at forever 21 type stores....i don't see this bag having much longevity.

color is pretty i admit