Friday, February 1, 2008

Givenchy Nightingale

The Givenchy Nightingale was a big hit when it first came out but I wasn't a big fan cus I found the handles to be a bit awkward and plus, I've never been a fan of detachable shoulder straps! In any case, all these fresh new colors are making me reconsider my original verdict :P These new color choices would definitely work for spring and summer, not to mention, making the Nightingale more suitable for gals in their 20s. Most people use this as a hand/arm bag rather than a shoulder bag since who really ever uses the detachable thingy?? I personally LOVE the yellow...anyone else have a favorite color??


Irene said...

i like it in the peach color..... is this that bag that i asked u to research that reese witherspoon had on us weekly a long while back?

Purse Addict said...

YEUP! And remember I told you I didn't like it cus it was a bit awkward??