Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gucci Loves New York Bag

While this bag is for a good cause, with all proceeds going to charity, I just really can't picture anyone actually being able to pull this bag off. The only thing thats okay about this bag is the nice shade of white that serves as the background for the atrocious "Gucci Loves NY"
statement. DZ says this bag is just like the "I Love NY" t-shirt, only $600 more. I honestly would rather sport the t-shirt instead of this ugly bag with its big stripes, Gucci in cursive, and red heart. I mean, which outfit would you pair this with?? Where would you take it to?? I have nothing against NY and can tolerate Gucci most of the time, but the problem really is in the execution of the bag. Couldn't the Gucci design team come up with a more chic/classy way of professing their love for NY?? I'm no artist, but I personally think I coulda probably done better!


Irene said...

it looks like one of those fake designer bags chinese ppl sell on canal street along with touristy stuff. but this time its all in one!

Philline said...

Lol it's like VH1's I Love New York show hahaha.