Friday, February 8, 2008

BNY Warehouse Sale

Yes, its that time of the year again, the mother of all sales, the BNY Warehouse sale, is back! For those of you in the dark, BNY has 2 big warehouse sales in LA and NY per in February and one in August. My first time was last August and lemme tell you...its an experience to be experienced and remembered. Some important things to note...always go on the first day for the best selection and the last day for the best deals, if you dont get there right when the sale starts then dont bother going at all, attack the bags first, shoes second, and clothes third, grab anything that looks decent because IT WILL be gone when you go back for it, they supposedly restock everyday but no, not really, go to the guy's section when you are ready to try stuff on as their section is way less crowded, and finally, be prepared to see naked people :) The LA sale is held in the Barker hanger at Santa Monica Airport and the sale lasts for about 11 days.

August 2007: I arrived about 30 minutes early and was towards the middle part of the line. By the time I got to the bags, they were all gone. By the time I turned to the shoes, they were also all gone. The selection was also crappy. I had a blast with the clothes. Organized by designer and size, offered a great selection of dresses.

February 2008: Even though I arrived 10 minutes later this time around, I was more towards the front of the line. I was not shy about running towards the bags but was dismayed to discover that this time, they only had BNY bags. I quickly turned to the shoes and was absolutely delighted that they did not vanish within the first ten minutes of the sale, in fact, there was a great selection! I filled my arms with shoes by Prada, Lanvin, Chloe, etc. Finally decided on Prada and Stephen pumps. Moved onto the clothes. Selection was way smaller this time around and not as organized. Most stuff were clumped together by size, not designer. I didn't really feel like going through all the racks and so picked out a few that were organized in the designer section. Settled for a Mike and Chris leather jacket, a Rebecca Taylor cardigan, MJ dress, and a MJ top.

Conclusion? While the hoards of pushy women can be a bit much at times, I think I will keep going back for the great deals and I would recommend all shopaholics to do the same :) PS: For all your LA and NY people...this is the last weekend so shop til you drop :)
**Yes, I know...I should have posted pictures of what I bought but I dont have the time right now...maybe I'll update later**

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