Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MJ and VB

MJ sure picked a great campaign model! VB is being photographed like crazy wearing MJ all over NY and my gosh, I LOVE this coat on her! The original coat from the runway was actually pretty yucky (the tan had more orange and the length was longer) and I'm guessing Posh had it tweaked to better fit her tastes. This Posh version is the perfect tan color and I love the military-style buttons in the front. Of course I don't have the courage to go prancing around with just a trench coat and some boots on, but this coat would totally chic up any outfit. Every girl over the age of 19 should have a trench to add a touch of sophistication and well, to keep warm during the cold winter days :) I would also say its okay to splurge on trench coats as you'll most likely be wearing it for years on end. To be honest, tan is actually missing from my trench coat collection which currently includes pink, white, black, and gray but I'll be realistic and admit that I wouldn't die if I did not acquire this piece. But if you're looking to stock up for next year, I would say this is probably the cutest trench I've seen all season!

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