Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fashion Toast

I was kinda, sorta bored yesterday at work and started going through many, many fashion blogs when I came upon My goodness!! This chic gal puts me to shame!! Talk about serious vintage style. Most of her super chic outfits are put together with a combination of vintage secondhand pieces + cheap thrills from Forever 21/Marshalls/Goodwill/etc. She gains 150% of my respect and admiration for having such a unique/chic/bold/brave sense of style. She doesn't care that her clothes aren't designer items or that they're from stores like Goodwill, Forever 21, and Marshalls. She finds great pieces, matches it up with her other items and BAM!!!...delivers a completely awesome outfit! I wish I was as brave :P So far, I've only been able to find fashion blogs by people who take pride in owning designer items acquired at prices that cost more than someone's rent and Fashion Toast is such a refreshing find. Can you tell I'm like totally in love with this girl?!? I have to say, I wouldn't have the guts to buy a lot of her pieces because they're kinda out there but the way she puts her outfits together is just amazing. She is living proof that fashion is not defined by the dollar value but is rather the result of buying what you like, not caring that its from cheap stores, not caring that its not from a IT designer, and putting it together to fit your very own style. BRAVO FASHION TOAST!!


Philline said...

I wouldn't be able to pull off her outfits. But yeah, I agree with you on pulling off pieces from everywhere no matter what price range.

Purse Addict said...

I know right?! I dont have the guts to even consider buying some of her stuff but gosh darnit...she does such a great job!