Friday, February 1, 2008

Moses Basket

Its Friday which means no work and all play! Play to me is browsing the internet for new things to crave and I found something for Princess Libby on the Neimans website :) This is suppose to be for new born babies but I imagine it to be the perfect size for Libby. Libby usually likes to sleep on the floor right next to my bed all snuggled up in her blankie/pouch thingy. I think with this cute Moses basket, she'll have a little crib next to her sleeping parents :D I also love the handles on this thing...Libby wouldn't even have to walk anymore! Okay...I'm just kidding...dont get freaked out :P

1 comment:

Irene said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! don't buy anymore flats! buy the basket!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!! >_<