Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Pink?

I was never a fan of the Stam bag because well A. Everyone and their mom had one and B. Its a dated bag. Anyhow, I'm glad MJ upgraded the Stam to ostrich because you all know how much I LOVE ostrich but I have to say...WHY PINK??! Why this bubblegum pink??! I like the chain and I like how he exchanged the quilted look for pleats but the color is just :P My infamously bad experience with my pink Dior Boston bag taught me to never ever hand money over for anything pink ever again. I feel like pink itself is a dated color. Anything that is ever made in pink is usually a part of a trend that lasts for only a few months, not to mention, pink usually doesn't go well with a lot of things and so you can't use it all the time. Theres a perfect Chinese word that would describe the way I feel about pink...I can't find it in my dictionary right now but the closet English equivalent I can think of is "tacky". While cute on elementary school kids, after a certain age, its very easy to look tacky in pink. And so to spend $5000 and to risk looking tacky?? No thanks dude.


Anonymous said...

Lol that reminds me of this one pink Coach bag that the ex got me back in college. I never use it anymore, and I only used it maybe for like 6 months total. Maybe I'll give it to my little 3 year old whenever I have one (and if it's a girl of course lol) to put her crayons in LOL.

Purse Addict said... there a good idea!!!