Thursday, August 28, 2008

yay, Yay, YAY, YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! (Part 2)

This whole afternoon I was antsy at work cus I had this staring at me from underneath my cubicle:

I would've kept it in my trunk but recently some cars at work have been broken into and I was not going to risk getting the newest addition to my purse family stolen :P

So was what was inside:

NR & DA: If you're reading this...yes, those ribbons were $20K...LMAO (sorry, inside joke)

And heres my new 2008 Fall/Winter Act I Metallic Dark Silver Jumbo 2.55 :) This year's metallic dark silver is COMPLETELY different from past years. Previously the dark silver was almost a copper color whereas this year it truly is dark silver (with almost a hint of blue). The metallic doesn't show up really well in the picture and I have to say, I feel like they toned down the metallic-ness of the 2.55 this year (compare this with my metallic purple small 2.55 and this baby is much closer to the matte). I asked my SA how many they received and she said 3-4 but if you weren't on the list...good luck locating one :P

And heres the inside double flap.

Every since I got my purple small 2.55, I knew I had to get another one in the jumbo size. Earlier this year I set my heart on dark silver but was told that it was gone, all gone. Either I search eBay or I get the ones with those ugly stripes. After much persistence, I found out that it would be coming back but the dark silver would be slightly moderated. I put my name on almost every list at every Chanel that I could think of. You can imagine my excitement when I got the call yesterday from my SA :)

*Note: After looking at these pictures I just have to say...the dark silver looks really light...the color is much deeper and the metallic-ness comes out more :)


Leslie said...

wow, i totally love it. lucky! I'm a purse addict myself.

Purse Addict said...

Thanks Leslie! I wish the color came out better...I might try taking a few more pictures in different lighting to see if I can get better results :)

Irene said...

i hope to see this in person in its true color.

Purse Addict said...

Arent you coming this month??