Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm always a little bit on the fence about Chloe but some of the shoes from the Fall 08 season have definitely impressed me...

Okay, I'll admit, there are MANY wedges that look like this but these are still cute, no? I love the big buckle in the front and the height of the wedge will give your causal outfit a little sex appeal :)

I can see how some might think these are ugly but I think with the right outfit and style, these could work wonders! The round toe is cute and yet that thin heel on the back is ultra the contrast...almost like a good girl gone bad type of thing :) The strap in the front is almost like a throwback to the days when women wore nothing but those fancy booties...right??! Anyways...

And then some funky pumps that are sorta 80s glam. I dont remember the 80s that well but from what I was a pretty cheesy time period :P BUT...everything in fashion repeats itself at least once in your lifetime! I think with a spunky dress, these would be killer.

And the flat version isn't so bad either! Although these would be kinda hard for me to personally pull off, I can definitely see some of you funky (in a good way!) gals pulling these off with some sass and confidance...WORK IT :)

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