Monday, August 25, 2008

Tiers And Ruffles

Ever since I bought my Geren Ford black tank with ruffles, I've had a new found appreciation for ruffled tops and even tiered tops since they usually tend to look like they're ruffled. Its like you add a little bit of dress and class to your everyday casual outfit. Of course, its easy to go terribly wrong with tiers and ruffles so keep it at a level where your body isn't swallowed up by them! Here are some great ones that I found on Saks:

12th St. by CV:

Tiers and ruffles, oh my!

See by Chloe:

Just that little patch of ruffles will work wonders!

Ali Ro:

See what I mean by dressy/classy but causal??

Madison Marcus:

Pretty simple tanks but just give it a try and you'll see :)


And if you really get into ruffles, expand to jackets and whatever else you can find that is tiered and/or ruffled but once again...make sure they dont eat you alive :D

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