Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready, Set, SHOP!

I'm not sure where the first half of this year went but believe it or not, summer sales are just around the corner.  I'm leaving this Friday for my trip to China so that means no pre-sale madness for me but please go and buy a few extra pairs of shoes for me :)  Private pre-sales have already started and will continue throughout next week.  This means the official start date will be the first of June for most retailers.  Have fun and feel free to send me your email address via comment if you want any SA recommendations!  Alright, see ya'll in a month :)


litlstrawberry said...

wow, Jenny, so you will be gone for a month.....Have fun in China. My parents told me that couple nation's display is really nice so you might want to jot down what do you want to visit instead of going every single one...(you probably can't, neither).

Oh, I also want to let you know that I borrow your picture of CL damask w/ knot heels...(hope you don't mind) as I found it in my size and finally be able to purchase them.

THanks in advance.

hana said...

i love following your blog-it is a daily read! :) i was wondering if you could advise me about what i should do...i have $ set aside for the shoe sales coming up and i am waiting for the lanvin sandals (with rope and jewel embellishments) to go on sale, but i keep thinking about the christian louboutin poseidons that a lot of people are divided on whether they like it or not...what do you think i should do...either way i have tons of black shoes, so i was really looking for something unique...thanks!

Purse Addict said...

Hey R - No worries abt the pic!! I was actually born in Beijing and we used to come back every summer for vacation up until I was in college so I've seen all of the tourist spots countless times :D This trip is mainly to see family and of course, shopping!!!

Hana - so glad you like my blog <3 Abt the Lanvins vs Poseidons, both are awesome choices so I would just go with your gut. Good luck!!