Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LOVE Louboutin

I'm such a sucker. Add a little bling and I'm all in. The Louboutin Love pumps (and flats) have never really been my cup of tea. Cute but a style I could live without. HOWEVER...add some strass (FYI: they're crystals NOT glitter) and you have me hooked.

Louboutin Strass can cost you upwards of $3000 but since the Love pumps only have a teeny bit...the price tag is about $1100.

Sigh, I really shouldn't...

In any case, did you know that the Love pumps were the shoes that made Louboutin famous?? Learn something new everyday. I did some research and found this online from ELLE Canada:

ELLE Canada: When did you decide to become a shoemaker?
Christian Louboutin: "When I was 10 years old, I walked by a shop with a sign in the window that warned women not to enter with their stilettos on because the metal spikes would damage the old wooden floor. I became fascinated with the idea that women's shoes could be transgressive."

EC: Explain the highly charged and compulsive relationship women have with shoes.
CL: "Shoes do not take anything away from a woman, but they give her an attitude. For example, imagine a photograph of a naked woman who is wearing a pair of pumps. She is still naked. But if she's wearing a hat instead of shoes, then suddenly it's a naked woman wearing a hat."

EC: Do you always look at people's shoes?
CL: "Yes, it's automatic."

EC: Do you judge people by the shoes they are wearing?
CL: "It's all about the context. Cheap shoes can be great depending on who is wearing them and when. However, riding boots worn in the city, unless you're actually riding a horse, is something I hate to see."

EC: That red sole has made your shoes iconic. Where did you get the idea?
CL: "I was designing a collection that was influenced by Andy Warhol and pop art in general. The colours were highly saturated, and when the drawing was finished I knew something was missing. I had a rather useless but charming assistant at the time who used to polish her nails in the shop. I asked to borrow her red nail lacquer and applied it to the sole of the shoe, and it looked marvellous. I originally thought I would change the colour of the sole depending on the shoes, but the red stuck. Even for a woman who doesn't like to wear a lot of colour, a touch of red is acceptable. It's also a little cheeky and flirtatious."

EC: What was the first great shoe you created?
CL: "It was the Love Shoe, which I designed with Princess Diana in mind. I had seen a picture of her at an official function looking down at her feet, very sad. I thought, 'Imagine if, when she was looking at her shoes, they made her smile instead?' I meant the shoes to be like two lovebirds, one close to the other, spelling out the word 'love.' The shoes were an instant hit, and people began referring to my studio as 'the love shop.' I had to keep reordering because everyone wanted them. I ended up surviving off those shoes for a year!"


Imma's Little Closet said...

DO IT DO IT lol !!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Jenny: That heels are so gorgeous and so sophisticated which looks it only want to step on the RED CARPET!! :)

Hum...compared to you, I think I am more of a boot person, I sure don't/can't wear heels very often but boots will give me not just the look but also a practical purpose. I would only wish if I ever go back to work, I can buy more fabulous heels like you do. :)

Purse Addict said...

YOU get it Imma! LOL...

Hey Rachel: yah, my job is my excuse to wear all my shoes and dresses. I'm usually way over-dressed but I figure I might as well :P

Irene said...

whoa~ those shoes are cool! :D

cheeky_deb said...

I thought the SAME thing about the strass Love pumps when I first saw them...seriously, sometimes it's creepy how much we think alike...

Purse Addict said...

I know, aren't they, Irene?? My heart flutters everytime I look at the pics :(

Deb - yea, we were meant to be...HAHAHA :P

Susanna Mendiola said...

Ooh, good post, love that interview.

TheShoeGirl said...

Suuuuuper cute! :)