Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alti Pumps

Its been awhile since I've been tempted to spend money on Loubs but then I had to come across the Alti last weekend at Southcoast. They had the patent all black version and I had to run out of the store in order to stop myself from buying them. This dark red version is pretty nice too. They kinda look like the New Simples but with a higher platform. I'm EXTREMELY tempted to buy these beauties but $825 for pumps that sorta look like ones that I already have?? I dont know...I'll need some time to dwell on this dilemma...

*Note: When I first started collecting Loubs, the expensive ones went for $600ish, nowadays $800ish is the norm...*


diamondsinchampagne said...

They are so gorgeous. I am a Louboutin fanatic as well, so I see your dilemma.
The black patent ones sound delicious, but I have to say the red ones are gorgeous too. I have predominatley black shoes (I don't know about you). But if you are like me and want to stray away from just getting the black, the red would be perfection.
Let us know what you decide :)

Miss_Red said...

Oooh they're gorgeous, I seriously love Louboutin's but I'm a while off being able to afford a pair :(
Lovely style, I loke the platform it's the perfect height :)

Purse Addict said...

Yea..these break my heart :( So beautiful but so expensive!!