Monday, March 30, 2009

The Perfect Belt For Spring

Quick post before I get some much needed rest. The Cabazon outlets are about an hour and thirty minutes away from Los Angeles so its not really a shopping destination that I go to all the time but it offers some seriously good deals. I was lucky enough to get this Bottega belt at a ridiculously good deal:

The pretty green is perfect for spring but its the buckle that got me. It adds sort of a antique/vintage feel to the belt. I'm ready to rock this with my new black BR dress and most likely my gray Loubs or my new Chanel MJs OR if I'm feeling gutsy...maybe my new YSLs (look for a post maybe tomorrow) :D never hurts to ask. When DZ and I bought our belts, the SA just put them in shopping bags and I was sorta bothered by the fact that my belt wouldn't have a box or dust bag. I'm very particular about boxes and dust bags for my shoes, bags, and belts. It just sorta feels wrong to leave them out in the open. Anyhow, I risked looking like a picky customer and went back in to see if they had any boxes. Lo and behold, she brought out boxes from the back.

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