Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its Serious, Dead Serious

When people ask me what I like to do for fun, my to-the-point reply is always "Reading, hanging out with my cats, and SHOPPING!" Almost without fail, people will laugh at my response. No, not because I'm a crazy cat lady but because I take shopping that seriously. I'm sure my fellow shopaholics will agree when I say shopping is no laughing matter because its not like you can walk into any store at any time and get this stuff. I'm not trying to be a snob because its not about the money!! Its about:

1. Putting your time into researching the design house: what makes this designer fabulous? What are some of the trademarks to look out for? How do I pronounce the name?
2. Keeping up with all of the new styles and changes that take place each season: what is slated to become a classic in the future? Which designs are the trendy IT picks for the season? Who has something similar but at a more affordable price?
3. Figuring out which styles you're willing to invest in now and which you're willing to hold off on for sale prices: will this I MUST HAVE IT NOW item be sold out within a week? If I invest in this, how often will I wear it and what else in my closet already goes with this? Which items do I want but can live without?
4. Hunting down the hard to find items (vintage, sold out, rare, exotics, etc): who, what, when, where, how do I get my greedy little hands on it?!?!
5. Taking the time and energy to bust ass trying to save some money during sales: when do the sales start? Are there pre-sales? Should I wait for the item to be marked down some more? Am I buying this just because its on sale?
6. Trying to re-invent the pieces you already own: I'm on a shopping ban, how can I make what I already have as exciting as buying something new?

And believe me, that right there is the simplified version of what I go through day in, day out. Simply isn't as mindless as you think!!!

*Note to self: work on #6 from the list :)

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