Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Not Me But So Kick-Ass

Last week I was on the hunt for the Louboutin Alti pumps and wandered into Neimans. While they didn't have the Alti pumps, my SA told me that I just had to try these Alexander McQueen shoes:

SA: Trust me, these are H O T. I've already 2 customers try them on today and both went home with a pair.

Me: Really? I dont know...these aren't exactly me...

SA: Just try them on...TRUST ME!!!!!

Me: Fine.

It took some wiggling but once on, I saw what he meant. These are the ultimate statement shoes.

SA: I guarantee anywhere you go, people will stare at those shoes. Send a picture to your bf right now and ask him where hes taking you tonight!

Me: Okay, okay...sold.

SA: Worse comes to worse, you can return them but trust me, you're going to love me after today.

Its been 7 days and I'm just about ready to debut these shoes. If it hadn't been for my SA, I would've never taken a chance but now I'm SO glad I got these. of yesterday, Neimans in BH had completely sold out!


Irene said...

doesn't it feel good to know that they sold out??? hahaha

Purse Addict said...

hell to the yes!!! lol...