Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$1500 Or Less

I've been sorta obsessively combing through various websites trying to find a bag thats less than $1500 and still want-able (yes, I make up words as I go along...). Again, like I said in my last post, ideally I should be getting this purse next month but between you and me...its looking like I might break under pressure and splurge right about...NOW :/ So far these are my top picks:

I'm still a Prada virgin when it comes to bags. I've mentioned this before but the Prada nylon bags sorta ruined it for me. When you walk along the streets of China, everyone and their mom has either a knock-off Prada nylon bag or a LV monogram bag. I wouldn't mind breaking into the Prada world with this bag...even if it means having three purple bags in my closet...

I almost bought this last summer during the YSL sale but ended up going with the Muse instead. Ever since then, I've kinda always had a longing for the Rive Gauche (it would be even better if I got it in ostrich!). But then again...I've also been sorta obsessively wanting another Muse...

Back when the shopping ban was stilll in full-effect, I had told myself that my next bag purchase would be the Muse in ostrich. Seeing that its $4000, I think I might have better luck getting it as a bday or xmas gift from my lovely parents :) In the meantime, the idea of buying one in regular leather is mighty tempting...

In conclusion...the shopping itch is back and I'm completely torn between these three purses. Pros and cons of each:

Prada Pros: It would be my first Prada. The color is amazing.
Prada Cons: I'm still a little scarred from the Prada nylon bags.

Rive Gauche Pros: I've been wanting it since last summer. Its patent leather is indestructible. Its biiiiig.
Rive Gauche Cons: Maybe I should wait to get this in ostrich??

Muse Pros: I've been wanting to add another Muse to my collection. I'm bound to get another Muse at some point in time so why not now??
Muse Cons: I already have one. Maybe I should wait to get this in ostrich (LOL)??

Any thoughts? Opinions? Preferences? HELP!!

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cheeky_deb said...

I personally like the Muse the best but seeing as you already have that (and that I don't like the Rive Gauche), then I pick Prada. I never thought I'd ever pick Prada over YSL.