Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Compact Chloe Bay

I'm not one to swoon over bags in miniature. In fact, I usually detest the miniature version of all bags because I see them as sorta like a sorry excuse. I hate having to stuff things into my purses and I only do it on nights out. However, the compact version of the Chloe Bay has my heart beating a little fast this morning. Not exactly my style but this would do wonders with my more casual outfits:

I'm also feigning for the color. Eye-catching but not obnoxious, perfect for spring :) Of course, leave it to NAP to pair the bag with the perfect outfit:

Wouldn't have imagined it on any other outfit. I'm not exactly an outdoors type of gal but if I had this bag, I wouldn't have to stress over which purse to bring on my sporadic weekend outings :)

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