Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Thanks

At this point I'm not even really sure who is still reading this blog since I've been such a bad blogger :( The lack of posts is mainly due to my on-going shopping ban (3 months and counting!!) and also due to some other personal distractions that I've had in recent weeks. In any case, I've been meaning to blog about these absolutely horrendous boots from YSL. These shoes are everywhere in the most recent issue of Harpers Bazaar and I just dont get it. The so-called Cage Ankle Boots are for one, ugly as all hell. Secondly, and correct me if I'm wrong, these "boots" completely defeat the purpose of wearing boots. And last but certainly not least, these shoes cost $1600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'm not fashion-foward enough but I'll pass on these "must-have" boots and move onto something a litte less ugly and a little more wearable.

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