Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jessica Alba Bag Envy

This is a pretty simple outfit that Jessica has on but I'm in love with her Chanel shoulder bag!! This looks like a funkier version of my Chanel Soft Chain purse but in a smaller size and more eye-catching color. I love, love, LOVE the great with all-black outfits and overall works with her pretty purple scarf :) The chain resembles the soft chain line of Chanel purses but this one seems to have a fold-over clasp instead of my top button closure. The smaller size will also mean an end to digging and searching for stuff :D I'm in dire need of this bag!!! And even though I love this pretty blue color, if I was to really get this bag, I would try to buy it in a more classic color and by that I mean BLACK! Yes, it'll be slightly more boring and less striking but black would mean more use and abuse (I'm really bad at maintaining quality...)! Since there are so many different Chanel styles and everyone has their own name for the styles, it'll be hard to find information about this bag on the Internet which means I need to go visit a boutique like TODAY! But of course, I'll wait a few months before I get this bag since I dont want my dad getting mad at me again :D


Julia said...

Like the girl (Jessica Alba's fan - I think she's really hot), LOVE the bag and love the scarf.. I normally would buy the purse in black for the same reason but I actually like this purse in this blue color as well as the scarf in this purple.. I love her bangs too..

Irene said...

i agree, black will last u longer. blue is pretty tho. i like her scarf too.... everything is cute.

stupid jessica alba would look good wearing a trashbag... *grumble*