Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay so the H&M at the Beverly Center wasn't this crowded but it was still pretty bad when Kent and I were there this past Saturday. I wasn't even sure if I should even bother looking since the lines were practically out the door but when I checked with Kent, he surprisingly was still up for shopping so I thought...hell, we're already here! And shop we did; Kent was nice and shopped for both himself and his family while I did my usual too-selfish-to-shop-for-anyone-else thing :) Its been almost a year since I last shopped at H&M and I have to say it was great finding fashionable styles at ridiculously inexpensive prices. Some of the material used isn't that great but H&M's stuff is definitely a level above those stores that offer disposable clothing that wither away upon being introduced to the washing machine :P In the end, we walked away with 5 bags jammed packed with goodies...we were true H&M whores but it was fun and we're both happy with our choices :)

Oh and btw...the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection is completely sold out...there isn't a trace of it left anywhere...too bad, so sad...

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Julia said...

oh? show me ur h&m clothes next time u wear them.. i want to see!!