Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lanvin Python Hero

You know, just yesterday I was thinking about how my bag-buying phase is over and now today, this metallic python Hero bag is making my heart beat all fast again. This bag is on sale right now at Barneys for a VERY reasonable price! The Hero is already a great shoulder bag to begin with but this pretty metallic color and python skin just makes it that much better. I also love the strap on this version of the Hero. *Sigh*...I feel like I'll regret this bag if I dont get it since exotic skins don't come cheap but I REALLY shouldnt get another bag. Okay I want to cry now...what should I do?! Well I guess one way to look at it is the fact that this bag would not be a good everyday bag...probably only good for special nights out but then again...this is one hell of a special night out bag! *Whimper*...HELP!!!!!!!!!


Julia said...

I love the name, Hero

Debbie said...

Python is illegal in California so you would have to get it from (or have it shipped to) a different state.