Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chanel Lilac Python Pochette

Dear Mom and Dad,

I think by most standards, I've been a great kid...I've never gotten myself into too much trouble, never given you guys a reason to worry, and have always done my best to make you proud. Hence, don't you think I should be rewarded for good behavior? This breathtaking Chanel pochette would be good. This stunning bag speaks for itself; the gorgeous color, the rare python skin, the ideal size, and the in-your-face interlocking C's. True, I don't need another bag and on what occasion would this bag be good for? But you have to agree, this bag does itself justice by simply being in existence...we could just all sit back and admire it together, no? So please, pretty please, can I HAVE THIS BAG LIKE NOW?!

Your Loving Daughter,
The Purse Addict


Julia said...


Irene said...

trendy.... but i'm not sure about this one. i think its just this general disgust i have w/ snake skin... *shiver*. but i do have this snakeskin belt that i have grown to like... so maybe. ehhehehe