Monday, December 10, 2007

Karen Millen

This weekend I got soft and went shopping again :( But I'm super excited because I've discovered Karen Millen dresses :) I've always seen her store at the Beverly Center but since the last time I was at the Beverly Center I wasn't so addicted to dresses yet, I never paid it any attention. Yesterday the pretty dresses on display caught my attention and so I decided to poke my head in. Pretty dresses + amazing prices = my kinda store. Her
dresses are chic and totally well made at unbelievably fair prices...they are however the kind of dresses that will require you to suck in for the duration that you have them on. Unless you're a stick, you'll probably have to go one size up than normal and even then, might have problems breathing...but everyone knows being fashionable does not mean being comfortable :P I ended up buying the two dresses shown and I was going to post other pretty dresses from her store but theres too many to post so please just go visit! Looking at her website is making me want to go back for more already :(

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