Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Hail Victoria Beckham!

I am just dying over this outfit VB has on!! I mean, who else can even say they own all of the pieces to this outfit?! Lets take a moment to appreciate every item we see before us:

1. The Dress: This is the stunning Neptune dress from RM's collection which is available on NAP but all sizes are sold out cept sizes 8-12. Posh has also been photographed wearing the pink Moon dress, also from RM, also almost sold out on NAP.

2. The Bag: I am so utterly devastated by this bag...why oh why can't I be as filthy rich as VB and own every Birkin ever known to man?! I mean regular leather birkins in black are already fabulous, but a purple ostrich Birkin...?!?!

3. The Shoes: These are the famous Rolandos (collaboration between RM and CL) that I keep going on and on about. I have them in black as slingbacks and bronze as pumps. VB has them in the red patent leather which are available at BNY. Not the most comfortable shoes out there, actually more like the most uncomfortable shoes I have, but too sexy to pass up!

4. The Fur: I'm not a big fur person since the process is just too brutal but I'm sure fur lovers world- wide are going nuts over this cute white number while PETA members are planning how to corner Posh and set her straight about animal cruelty.

This outfit is Posh's answer to being named as one of the worst dressed women of the year.

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